Why hello there!

My name is Azra, (also known as MetalRavioli) and this is my collaborative informational website on aquatic life! This website is dedicated to document species of aquatic life, information about them, and how to keep them. Most of this wiki will be documenting species of fish + invertebrates and how to care for them, however, in the future, I may add pages for plants, food, medications, and other fun stuff!

Pages about species on this website document the history and origins of the species, as well as their behavior, diet, taxonomic classification, and habitat. Along with this, pages will document how to properly care for the species in captivity (if the species is capable of being in captivity) as well as additional information/recommendations about fishkeeping.

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This site is currently a huge work in progress, I plan on expanding it in the future to become a bigger collaborative documentation project, however, I am currently still formatting, organizing, writing about some species, and just getting the website together.

You can navigate the site through the topbar and sidebar, which will categorize fish based on their taxonomic classification, the water they live in, body shape, etc.

If you believe any information on this site to be incorrect, contact me on one of the accounts below, or head to the Forums!

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