Coral and Invertebrates
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Listed below are several pages which are organized to scientifically categorize aquatic invertebrates.
(Note as well that on each species page, if a taxon is labeled as "Brackish, Marine, Fresh" or any of its counterpart labels, this does not mean that every fish in the taxon can live in all three of these waters. This simply means the taxon consists of different species that consist of species living in those waters.)


Number of Species: 22000

Examples: Crinoid Worm, Glycera dibranchiata, Horse Leech, Pompeii Worm, T-headed Worm

Box Jellyfishes

Number of Species: 51

Examples: Australian Box Jelly, Carukia shinju, Four-handed Box Jelly, Warty Sea Wasp


Number of Species: 330

Examples: Lingula reevii, Neoancistrocrania norfolki, Terebratalia transversa


Number of Species: 5869

Examples: Cinctipora elegans, Paludicella articulata, Stephanella continentalis


Number of Species: 67000

Examples: Asian Shore Crab, Coconut Crab, Common Barnacle, Common Lobster, Mexican Dwarf Crayfish, Neocaridina davidi, Talitrus saltator


Number of Species: 2

Examples: Symbion americanus, Symbion pandora


Number of Species: 122

Examples: Dicyemennea abbreviata, Dicyema shimantoense


Number of Species: 7000

Examples: Forbes Sea Star, Green Sea Urchin, Ophiomyxa australis, Passion Flower Feather Star


Number of Species: 150

Examples: Barentsia antarctica, Pedicellina newberryi


Number of Species: 20000

Examples: Beef Tapeworm, Diphyllobothrium elegans, Fish tapeworm


Number of Species: 2421

Examples: Limnognathia maerski, Parasagitta setosa


Number of Species: 326

Examples: Diplodasys rothei, Lepidodermella squamata


Number of Species: 130+

Examples: Balanoglossus australiensis, Planctosphaera pelagica, Saccoglossus kowalevskii


Number of Species: 3700

Examples: Flower Hat Jelly, Peach Blossom Jellyfish, Portuguese Man o' War


Number of Species: 37

Examples: Pliciloricus enigmaticus, Titaniloricus inexpectatovus, Urnaloricus gadi


Number of Species: 85000

Examples: Common Periwinkle, Common Cuttlefish, Giant Pacific Octopus, Hard Clam, Lined Chiton, Loch's Chromodoris, Palau Nautilus, Zebra Nerite Snail

Mud Dragons

Number of Species: 270

Examples: Echinoderes hwiizaa, Fissuroderes novaezealandia, Zelinkaderes klepali


Number of Species: 2200

Examples: Auerbachia anomala, Sphaeromyxa artedielli

Nematodes and Horsehair Worms

Number of Species: Unknown, anywhere from 27000 to 1,002,000

Examples: Caenorhabditis elegans, Nectonema melanocephalum, Spinochordodes tellinii

Penis Worms

Number of Species: 20

Examples: Maccabeus cirratus, Priapulus caudatus, Tubiluchus philippinensis


Number of Species: 20

Examples: Phoronis psammophila Phoronopsis albomaculata

Ribbon Worms

Number of Species: 1150

Examples: Bootlace Worm, Ovicides jasoni, Pussylineus gabriellae

Sea Anemones and Corals

Number of Species: 6000

Examples: Brain Coral, Burrowing Anenome, Organ Pipe Coral, Radial Sea Pen

Sea Jellies

Number of Species: 400

Examples: Flame Jelly, Lion's Mane Jelly, Moon Jelly, Nomura's Jelly

Stalked Jellyfishes

Number of Species: 50

Examples: Bell Trumpet Jelly, Calvadosia cruxmelitensis, Haliclystus sanjuanensis


Number of Species: 1300

Examples: Milnesium tardigradum


Number of Species: 3000

Examples: Bluebell Tunicate, Cyclosalpa bakeri, Gold-mouth Sea Squirt, Oikopleura dioica


Number of Species: [needs confirmation]

Examples: Archocelis macrorhabdites, Nemertinoides wolfgangi, Purple Sock Worm

Incertae Sedis
For species whose relationships to members of defined taxons are unknown.

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