Freshwater Fishes
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Listed below are several pages which are organized to scientifically categorize freshwater fishes. Click on the classification to go to the dedicated page of said classification.

(Note: "Number of Species" Includes marine species.)
Note as well that on each species page, if a classification is labeled as "Brackish, Marine, Fresh" or any of its counterpart labels, this does not mean that every fish in the taxa can live in all three of these waters. This simply means the taxa consists of different species that live in those waters.)

Anchovies and Herrings

Number of Species: 400

Freshwater Examples: Bluntnosed Sawtooth Pellonuline, Freshwater Anchovy, Tanganyikan Sardine

Asiatic Glassfishes

Number of Species: 51

Freshwater Examples: Humphead Glassfish, Indian Glassfish, Macleay's glassfish

Beloniformes, Bowfins and Gars

Number of Species: 272

Freshwater Examples: Bowfin, Needlenose Gar, Alligator Gar

Bichirs and Reedfish

Number of Species: 13

Freshwater Examples: Ornate Bichir, Reedfish, Senegal Bichir


Number of Species: 900

Freshwater Examples: Trichonis blenny, Freshwater Blenny

Cardinalfishes and Nurseryfishes

Number of Species: 354

Freshwater Examples: Indian Humphead, Mouth Almighty, Nurseryfish

Carps and Minnows

Number of Species: 3001

Freshwater Examples: Amur Carp, Goldfish, Redfin Shark, Zebra Danio


Number of Species: 3000

Freshwater Examples: Blue Catfish, Common Plecostomus, Panda Corydoras, Redtail Catfish


Number of Species: 290

Freshwater Examples: Flagtail Prochilodus, Redbreast Sunfish, Smallmouth Bass


Number of Species: 2000

Freshwater Examples: Neon Tetra, Pinktail Chalceu, Red-bellied Pacu, Skirt Tetra


Number of Species: 1702

Freshwater Examples: Blue Discus, Bumblebee Cichlid, Common Angelfish, Keyhole Cichlid, Tiger Oscar Cichlid


Number of Species: 180

Freshwater Examples: Mexican Clingfish, Penisular Clingfish

Cods and Allies

Number of Species: 555

Freshwater Examples: Burbot


Number of Species: 153

Freshwater Examples: Chinese Darter Dragonet, Mekong Delta Dragonet, Tonlesapia tsukawakii


Number of Species: 800

Freshwater Examples: Catathyridium jenynsii, Hypoclinemus mentalis, Trinectes hubbsbollinger


Number of Species: 53

Freshwater Examples: Arthurs Paragalaxias, Mountain Galaxias, Western Mudminnow


Number of Species: 8

Freshwater Examples: Difficult to determine, will be updated


Number of Species: 2211

Freshwater Examples: Chinese Sleeper, Dark Sleeper, Typhleotris madagascariensis

Jawless Fishes

Number of Species: 117

Freshwater Examples: Brook Lamprey, European River Lamprey

Labyrinth Fishes

Number of Species: 550

Freshwater Examples: Dwarf Gourami, Leopard Bushfish, Rainbow Snakehead, Siamese Fighting Fish


Number of Species: 1

Freshwater Examples: Salamanderfish


Number of Species: 1249

Freshwater Examples: Clown Loach, Dojo Loach, Kuhli Loach, Zebra Loach

Lobe-finned Fishes

Number of Species: 8

Freshwater Examples: Gilled Lungfish, Spotted lungfish, West African Lungfish


Number of Species: 50

Freshwater Examples: Grasseichthys gabonensis, Naked Shellear


Number of Species: 5

Freshwater Examples: Goldeye, Mooneye


Number of Species: 78

Freshwater Examples: Burmese Mullet, Mountain Mullet, Pinkeye Mullet


Number of Species: 245

Freshwater Examples: Aba, Asian Arowana, Pirarucú, Silver Arowana


Number of Species: 380

Freshwater Examples: Lucifuga simile


Number of Species: Debated Upon, anywhere from 6000 to 10000

Freshwater Examples: Brook Stickleback, Torrentfish


Number of Species: 10

Freshwater Examples: Alabama Cavefish, Swampfish, Trout-perch


Number of Species: 1000

Freshwater Examples: Andaman Pipefish, Freshwater Pipefish, Short-tailed Pipefish

Pikes and Mudminnows

Number of Species: 12

Freshwater Examples: Eastern Mudminnow, Northern Pike, Olympic Mudminnow


Number of Species: 349

Freshwater Examples: Dwarf Pufferfish, Fahaka Pufferfish, Mbu Pufferfish, South American Pufferfish


Number of Species: 600

Freshwater Examples: Ocellate River Stingray, Porcupine River Stingray, South American Freshwater Stingray


Number of Species: 500

Freshwater Examples: Bull Shark, Ganges Shark

Salmon and Trout

Number of Species: 70

Freshwater Examples: Brook Trout, Pink Salmon, Sockeye Salmon


Number of Species: Debated upon, anywhere from 30-1400

Freshwater Examples: Big Baikal Oilfish, Luna Lionfish, Mottled Sculpin


Number of Species: 354

Species Examples: Boesemani Rainbowfish, Honey Blue-eye, Neon Rainbowfish

South American Knifefishes

Number of Species: 134

Freshwater Examples: Banded Knifefish, Black Ghost Knifefish, Electric Eel, Glass Knifefish

Sturgeons and Paddlefishes

Number of Species: 28

Freshwater Examples: American Paddlefish, Dabry's Sturgeon, Lake Sturgeon

Swamp Eels

Number of Species: 96

Freshwater Examples: Bengal Eel, Fire Eel, Indostomus crocodiles, Tire-track Eel


Number of Species: 1500

Freshwater Examples: African Scat, Spotbaned Scat, Spotted Scat


Number of Species: 83

Freshwater Examples: Thalassophryne amazonica, Daector gerringi


Number of Species: 1400

Freshwater Examples: Dark-edged Splitfin, Elegant Killifish, Endler's Livebearer, Guppy, Largescale Foureyes, Molly

True Eels

Number of Species: 800

Freshwater Examples: American Eel, European Eel, Japanese Eel, Mottled Eel

True Smelts

Number of Species: 93

Freshwater Examples: Eulacheon, Protosalanx chinensis

Incertae sedis
For species whose relationships to members of defined taxons are unknown.

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