Marine Fishes
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Listed below are several pages which are organized to scientifically categorize marine fishes.

(Note: "Number of Species" Includes freshwater species.
Note as well that on each species page, if a taxon is labeled as "Brackish, Marine, Fresh" or any of its counterpart labels, this does not mean that every fish in the taxon can live in all three of these waters. This simply means the taxon consists of different species that consist of species living in those waters.)


Number of Species: 270

Marine Examples: Bluntsnout Slickhead, Softskin Smooth-head, Spangled Tubeshooter

Anchovies and Herrings

Number of Species: 400

Marine Examples: Amazon Pellona, Atlantic Herring, European Pilchard


Number of Species: 200

Marine Examples: Humpback Anglerfish, Reticulated Goosefish, Striated Frogfish


Number of Species: 15

Marine Examples: Royal Basslet, Royal Gramma, Yellow Basslet


Number of Species: 10

Marine Examples: Busakhin's beardfish, Pacific Beardfish, Stout Beardfish

Beloniformes and Bowfins

Number of Species: 272

Marine Examples: Ballyhoo, Pacific Saury, Sailfin Flying Fish


Number of Species: 30

Marine Examples: Albula vulpes, Japanese Gissu, Long-fin Bonefish


Number of Species: 28

Marine Examples: Alfonsino, Redfish, Splendid Alfonsino


Number of Species: 500-1000

Marine Examples: Common Remora, Common Dolphinfish, Roosterfish

Cardinalfishes and Nurseryfishes

Number of Species: 354

Marine Examples: Banggai Cardinalfish, Indian Humphead, Tubifer Cardinalfish

Carps and Minnows

Number of Species: 3001

Marine Examples: Pacific Redfin


Number of Species: 3000

Marine Examples: Crucifix Sea Catfish, Cuckoo Catfish, Gafftopsail Catfish


Number of Species: 290

Marine Examples: Large Kelpfish, Old Wife, Striped Trumpeter


Number of Species: 50

Marine Examples: Leopard Chimaera, Sicklefin Chimaera, Spotted Ratfish

Chromis' and Allies

Number of Species: 97

Marine Examples: Half-and-half Chromis, Indian Ocean Humbug, Spiny Chromis


Number of Species: 180

Number of Species: Dwarf Shore-eel, Twoline Clingfish, Two-spotted Clingfish


Number of Species: 30

Marine Examples: Maroon Clownfish, Ocellaris Clownfish, Saddleback Clownfish

Cods and Allies

Number of Species: 555

Marine Examples: Atlantic Cod, Gulf Hake, Japanese Codlet

Convict Blennies

Number of Species: 2

Marine Examples: Pholidichthys anguis, Pholidichthys leucotaenia

Damsels and Allies

Number of Species: 201

Marine Examples: Fusilier Damsel, Kermadec Scalyfin, Whitley's Sergeant

Deep-sea Spiny Eels

Number of Species: 12

Marine Examples: Bahamas Spiny Eel, Blackfin Tapirfish, Shortfin Spiny Eel

Dories and Allies

Number of Species: 33

Marine Examples: John Dory, Mirror Dory, Warty Oreo


Number of Species: 152

Marine Examples: Cockatoo Dottyback, Orchid Dottyback, Zulu Snakelet


Number of Species: 153

Marine Examples: Common Slope Dragonet, Flap-gilled Dragonet, Mandarinfish


Number of Species: 410

Marine Examples: Dana Viperfish, Half-naked Hatchetfish, Smalltooth Hatchetfish


Number of Species: 800

Marine Examples: European Plaice, Pacific Halibut, Winter Flounder


Number of Species: 8

Marine Examples: Difficult to determine, will be updated


Number of Species: 2211

Marine Examples: Black Goby, Common Goby, Yellow Prawn Goby


Number of Species: 17

Marine Examples: Abyssal Halosaur, Galapagos Halosaur, Gracile Halosaur


Number of Species: 80

Marine Examples: Blue-spotted Jawfish, Hook Jawfish, Yellow-headed Jawfish

Jawless Fishes

Number of Species: 117

Marine Examples: Atlantic Hagfish, Pacific Hagfish, Southern Hagfish

Jellynose Fishes

Number of Species: 12

Marine Examples: Deepwater Ateleopodid, Highfin Tadpole Fish, Jelly-head Fish

Ladyfishes and Tarpons

Number of Species: 9

Marine Examples: Atlantic Tarpon, Hawaiian Ladyfish, Tenpounder


Number of Species: 20

Marine Examples: Giant Oarfish, North Atlantic Opah, Scalloped Ribbonfish

Lanternfishes and Blackchins

Number of Species: 258

Marine Examples: Jewel Lanternfish, Multispotted Lanternfish, Pacific Blackchin


Number of Species: 230

Marine Examples: Bathypterois viridensis, Highfin Lizardfish, Longnose Lancetfish

Lobe-finned Fishes

Number of Species: 8

Marine Examples: Indoneasen Coelacanth, West Indian Ocean Coelacanth

Marine Smelts

Number of Species: 228

Marine Examples: Argentina sphyraena, Opisthoproctus soleatus

Marlins and Allies

Number of Species: 64

Marine Examples: Atlantic Blue Marlin, Great Barracuda, Swordfish


Number of Species: 50

Marine Examples: Gonorynchus gonorynchus, Milkfish


Number of Species: 78

Marine Examples: Acute-jawed Mullet, Flathead Grey Mullet, Sand Grey Mullet


Number of Species: 380

Marine Examples: Bony Eared-assfish, Fawn Cusk-eel, Rendahl's Messmate


Number of Species: Debated Upon, anywhere from 6000 to 10000

Marine Examples: American Sand Lance, Ereunias grallator, Graveldiver, Greater Weever, Pantha Grouper, Prowfish, Turquoise Plunderfish

Pufferfishes, Triggerfishes, and Allies

Number of Species: 349

Marine Examples: Dogface Pufferfish, Humuhumunukunukuāpuaʻa, Ocean Sunfish, Spotted Boxfish, Threebar Porcupinefish, Threetooth Pufferfish


Number of Species: 600

Marine Examples: Coffin Ray, Giant Manta Ray, Narrow Sawfish, Shagreen Ray, Spotted Eagle Ray

Salmon and Trout

Number of Species: 70

Marine Examples: Atlantic Salmon, Chum Salmon


Number of Species: Debated upon, anywhere from 30-1400

Marine Examples: African Deepwater Flathead, Crested Sculpin, Bathylutichthys taranetzi

Seahorses, Pipefishes and Allies

Number of Species: 1000

Marine Examples: Atlantic Trumpetfish, Greater Pipefish, Spiny Seahorse

Seamoths and Flying Gurnards

Number of Species: 13

Marine Examples: Brick Seamoth, Hawaiin Seamoth, Spotwing Flying Gurnard


Number of Species: 500

Marine Examples: Australian Angelshark, Frilled Shark, Goblin Shark, Great White Shark, Greenland Shark, Whale Shark


Number of Species: 354

Marine Examples: Hawaiin Surf Sardine, Mercer's Tusked Silverside, Surf Silverside


Number of Species: 113

Marine Examples: Humpback Red Snapper, Queen Snapper, Sailfin Snapper


Number of Species: 392

Marine Examples: Holocentrus adscensionis, Longspine Squirrelfish, Spinyface Soldierfish


Number of Species: 68

Marine Examples: Bristlyskin, Gibberfish, Malacosarcus macrostoma


Number of Species: 28

Marine Examples: Atlantic Sturgeon, Beluga Sturgeon, White Sturgeon


Number of Species: 1

Marine Examples: Tube-eye

Tangs, Butterflyfishes and Allies

Number of Species: 1500

Marine Examples: Blue Tang, Kole Tang, Moorish Idol


Number of Species: 83

Marine Examples: Banded Toadfish, Dahl's Frogfish, Guinean Toadfish


Number of Species: 1400

Marine Examples: Mummichog


Number of Species: 138

Marine Examples: Eyelight Fish Monocentris japonica, Silver Spinyfin

True Eels

Number of Species: 800

Marine Examples: Banana Eel, Japanese Dragon Eel, Zebra Moray Eel

True Smelts

Number of Species: 93

Marine Examples: Ayu

Tuna and Allies

Number of Species: 1000

Marine Examples: Atlantic Mackerel, Bluefin Tuna, Man-of-war Fish


Number of Species: 32

Marine Examples: Hairyfish, Velvet Whalefish

Wrasses and Allies

Number of Species: 600

Marine Examples: Cleaner Wrasse, Formosa Wrasse, Green Bird Wrasse

Incertae sedis
For species whose relationships to members of defined taxons are unknown.

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